What is your hobby

What is the value of a hobby

the value of your hobby

Hobby is the passion you have for doing something that makes you happy depending on your passion. Talking about hobbies, there are all kinds of hobbies depending on your area of interest , designation or what you are passionate about. It ‘s like the parents who make it a hobby to take care of their kids on daily basis, If we need to check our Interests and hobbies, some people like going for a bike ride every morning while some like road walking, exercising at the gym, swimming and a lot more.


Other people like doing what they have the zeal or passion for, which is always the source of inspiration for them. If we look at it critically, having a hobby or passion in doing something is a very good exercise or measure because it helps you in maintaining and exercising your duties which in some cases are mandatory especially parenting , but generally it is always a good thing to develop a hobby in doing something, let’s look at our kids who always like playing with their toys at all times, playing video games on the internet and watching TV at all times, these are all part of a hobby.

bicycle riders

some people like reading, blogging, going on Facebook on regular basis to chat and talk with friends and some people take to Instagram,twitter,linked in and other social media. All this process have become a hobby for each person thereby helping in our efforts. some people cannot do without going to the theater to watch movies and with the holiday around the corner, is more motive for them to run along to watch more movies and this has become a passion or hobby for them.


Sometimes having a hobby or doing something we like helps in killing stress and sadness for instance when you are sad or unhappy,  you can develop the habit or passion for reading especially good and interesting books and novels which will take you to a different world and thereby helping  you in taking away your sadness. There are other kind of hobbies and they include:


  1. Cooking, baking , sewing, washing, fishing,  drawing, makeup, sewing and a lot more and theses are part of the areas where people develop passion. Some college students like taking part in plays and drama organized by a literary society in their school.
    2. Photography is another passion which some people like with all their heart, especially in summer and as we all know taking beautiful pictures in different locations could be very exciting
    3. Music and dance is another hobby that gives you joy, solace and happiness. It will always be a great thing if you can take the pleasure of taking classes and it could be a great fun too.
    4. Stamp collecting is a passive hobby which is passion for some other people.
    5. Going  for a walk and spending sometime alone in contemplation and peace could be a great passion  and hobby for others

          6. Playing guitar and composing songs could be a great hobby which is always appreciated.

7. volleyball , baseball, basketball, soccer, knitting, camping are also hobbies for some people.


Creating a hobby is always very helpful especially in distress, it helps you to focus your mind on something else and it also helps in making you appreciate what you have passion for , especially what gives you solace and peace of mind. As we all know doing what makes us happy most, always helps motivate and elevate us in our job’s and businesses and whatever we intend doing.  What is most important about having a hobby is that it makes us happy and we should always go for happiness.

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