Importance Of Honesty In Friendship


Why Honesty is important in friendship

Honesty and sincerity is the foundation of every good thing, especially when it comes to relationships which could go a long way, although,True and real friends are hard to find this days but they are always there at the corner as long as you have a honest and sincere heart towards each other and i believe Honesty in a relationship is a possibility as long as there is an established trust.  There are many factors which makes up a good friend and the most important of them all is being able to open up to each other and not keeping secrets from each other.


Your best friends are always there by you, no matter what your situation is and they will support you and make sure you archive your goals in life because you have become part of them and they part of you but transparency and honesty is the key.  secrets and lies can destroy what both of you have built especially, if you have been friends for a long time. You don’t want your friend to feel betrayed especially by you and i am sure you don’t want to feel betrayed by a friend either.  Secrets and lies are always not the best in whatever situation you may find yourself, even if you think it’s better than not telling the truth or being honest with that friend. Truth always comes out at the end and they could feel betrayed.

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Honesty is the source and the pillar of a good friendship. For us to Build and or keep up this honesty, we need to make conscious effort to tell the truth, be able to communicate freely and you have to keep to your word. Reliability to each other at all times will go a long way, confrontation could be helpful sometimes which will clarify some issues that you probably do not understand.  In order to have an honest  and trusted relationship, It is always a good idea to learn how to open up with each other.  Telling lies to a friend might end up devaluing the relationship you have built with that person if found out.


From my little understanding, honesty  simply means you have to agree to say the truth no matter , it means giving information according to the facts. It is almost like saying “I promise to say the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God ” when someone is not opening up or is not saying the truth, could be taken as dishonesty.  The truth is nobody wants to deal with friends they can’t trust to give their sincere opinion about a particular topic. You always want to know your friends opinion instead of them just accepting whatever you say to them because you are friends.  If there is no sincerity and honesty between friends then that relationship is not worth it, One way or the other honesty is a way of showing respect to your friends and it proves that you are not fake.

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Here comes my Question: “would you rather risk loosing a friend by being honest or would you rather keep that friend by not speaking your mind?” My sincere opinion is that honesty is always the best teacher and the best policy when we are dealing with our friends or anybody else. I will like to have your opinion about this topic



How to be a real and true friend

What Do you Need to Be a True Friend

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True and real friends are hard to find this days but they are always there at the corner.  When you find one, try your best possible to keep that friendship and there are many factors that you need to keep that relationship.  The quality you need is being a good and real friend and the values of a true friend always comes from the heart. looking out for a friend is a long process and to do so, you need to appreciate and show them the care and love they need all the time no matter the situation. Talking about friendship it has its own price sometimes, because some will be by you no matter what the situation and some will not, but most important is the realization that every friendship or relationship you build is very important and has no price to it.

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what qualities do we really need as a friend?, It really depends but overall what you need is trustworthiness as a true friend and this includes making a promise and fulfilling it. If by any chance you fail on your promise ,then you have some explaining to do. There are so many things that could make a relationship sour, but being true to your friend, keeping and fulfilling promises could go a long way and don’t ever make promises you can’t keep, but as we all know we are humans and nobody is perfect but make sure you avoid not keeping your words with your friends.  As we all know being dependable always helps in a relationship because every good friend want someone they can rely or count on at all times, that is why being dependable is what we need and that is one of the true qualities of a true and good friend. Nobody wants someone who is not reliable especially for a friend.


There are so many things that Could make you stand out as a true friend, Be happy for your friend at every achievement.  We do make mistakes all the time as humans, so you should apologize when you make a mistake or upset your friend. Be honest with them in whatever way you can and be honest about your feelings towards your friend if the situation warrants it and make them realize what they have done to hurt you without hiding or holding back how you feel.  Honesty is the first key to every good friendship or relationship and any relationship placed on honesty, truthfulness, love, understanding, care for one another, respect, confidence in one another, dependability will go a long way.   If your friend tells you something in confidence, keep it and don’t discuss it with anyone else


Be a good listener, avoid being ahead of your friends when it comes to conversation and when they are passing through hard times, be there for them especially in times of crisis. Lets say he has a pet and it ran away, be there for them by trying to help to find it or if he or she is at the hospital or sick at home, be there to support and giving a good and reliable advice is one duty of a good friend especially when the situation warrants it without making it mandatory for them to take your advice. Try being supportive and learn to forgive and forget, there are times when they have their own way or attitude, all you have to do is learn to accept them for what he or she is.




Loneliness is always a devastating situation and always arises as a result of different circumstances or situations like loss of a deer family member, breakup in a relationship, being made jest off by friends in school and a lot of other cases and situations.  Looking at it critically it has always been painful and disturbing when you don’t feel connected to others.  We as humans always want friendship, love and acquaintance.


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loneliness is a signal that an important basic need is not being met, such as the need to develop a circle of friends or a special relationship or the need for support. It is always very devastating and terrible when you feel the need for warmth and it’s not there, the need for understanding and support, especially when you have a special program and you want your family there for you.  The need and longing to share your feelings and thoughts with others, but nobody is there to listen to you can make you really and truly lonely. Loneliness can also arise as a result of insecurity, inferiority complex, the feeling that you are not acceptable and loved by people around you, the feeling that you have no choice but be lonely.


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The last time I felt lonely was when i was far away from my family due to circumstances beyond my control which led to loneliness and because of this, I had to console myself by getting a dog to keep my company.  there are others with similar or different cases that warrants loneliness, like the case of a teenager who had a sweet and loving parents but lost them to accident can become very lonely or the case of a student who likes been teased or bullied all the time by her fellow students can lead to that student being really and truly lonely.

"Loneliness has followed me my whole life...

“Loneliness has followed me my whole life, everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There’s no escape. I’m God’s lonely man.” Robert De Niro as neo-noir antihero Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver (1976). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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