Importance Of Honesty In Friendship


Why Honesty is important in friendship

Honesty and sincerity is the foundation of every good thing, especially when it comes to relationships which could go a long way, although,True and real friends are hard to find this days but they are always there at the corner as long as you have a honest and sincere heart towards each other and i believe Honesty in a relationship is a possibility as long as there is an established trust.  There are many factors which makes up a good friend and the most important of them all is being able to open up to each other and not keeping secrets from each other.


Your best friends are always there by you, no matter what your situation is and they will support you and make sure you archive your goals in life because you have become part of them and they part of you but transparency and honesty is the key.  secrets and lies can destroy what both of you have built especially, if you have been friends for a long time. You don’t want your friend to feel betrayed especially by you and i am sure you don’t want to feel betrayed by a friend either.  Secrets and lies are always not the best in whatever situation you may find yourself, even if you think it’s better than not telling the truth or being honest with that friend. Truth always comes out at the end and they could feel betrayed.

boysinthe field

Honesty is the source and the pillar of a good friendship. For us to Build and or keep up this honesty, we need to make conscious effort to tell the truth, be able to communicate freely and you have to keep to your word. Reliability to each other at all times will go a long way, confrontation could be helpful sometimes which will clarify some issues that you probably do not understand.  In order to have an honest  and trusted relationship, It is always a good idea to learn how to open up with each other.  Telling lies to a friend might end up devaluing the relationship you have built with that person if found out.


From my little understanding, honesty  simply means you have to agree to say the truth no matter , it means giving information according to the facts. It is almost like saying “I promise to say the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God ” when someone is not opening up or is not saying the truth, could be taken as dishonesty.  The truth is nobody wants to deal with friends they can’t trust to give their sincere opinion about a particular topic. You always want to know your friends opinion instead of them just accepting whatever you say to them because you are friends.  If there is no sincerity and honesty between friends then that relationship is not worth it, One way or the other honesty is a way of showing respect to your friends and it proves that you are not fake.

friends for ever

Here comes my Question: “would you rather risk loosing a friend by being honest or would you rather keep that friend by not speaking your mind?” My sincere opinion is that honesty is always the best teacher and the best policy when we are dealing with our friends or anybody else. I will like to have your opinion about this topic



How To achieve our goals

What Considerations Do We Need For Progress And Improvements

the wheel of life

what am i talking about?, I am talking about our life style or cycle from when we were toddlers, teenagers, adults, married with family, and when we are old and from my point of view this also includes all the challenges of our lives, what we have faced in our relationship, love life, other aspect of our lives and what our achievement and loses are and what we stand to gain at the end of the day.  This also involves our goals, ambitions, prospects, our plans for tomorrow and the future. What do we really want for ourselves and our family and how do we make them and our selves happy through our goals plans and achievements.


This really is a life cycle and talking about our goals, where do we really stand as per achieving them, we want the best in what we do as accountants, bloggers, creators, doctors , best fathers and mothers, best husband’s, lovers and so on, but do we go through this process of being the best by being lazy or procrastinating all the time or by  working hard and dedicated at what we do or by living a life that is of no value to us?.  I believe being focused and doing better things that will project us as good and better role models for ourselves, our families, children and neighbors alike would be the best way to go, thereby making us the best in our different fields of interest as bloggers, writers, engineers and whatever profession we are in  and this all circulates or revolves round our careers, family, friends, romance, fun , recreation, health, money, personal growth and our environment.


There are a lot that needs consideration when it comes to improvement and progress in our lives:

1. We need focus and dedication in whatever we do to get to our life goal
Sometimes we are stock when we are really trying to move forward and what can we do in situations like this?, So being focused would be the way to go.

2. There is nothing as good as committing ourselves to taking action and what steps do we need to take and be satisfied in our different areas of life especially in our Business, Career, Studies, Health and fitness, finance, social life and friends, with our family, in our love life, recreation and fun, contribution to society and personal growth, so we need fulfillment in various aspect of our lives and this all comes to hard work, dedication, focus and taking action and doing the best we can to get to where we want.

How to be a real and true friend

What Do you Need to Be a True Friend

true friend

True and real friends are hard to find this days but they are always there at the corner.  When you find one, try your best possible to keep that friendship and there are many factors that you need to keep that relationship.  The quality you need is being a good and real friend and the values of a true friend always comes from the heart. looking out for a friend is a long process and to do so, you need to appreciate and show them the care and love they need all the time no matter the situation. Talking about friendship it has its own price sometimes, because some will be by you no matter what the situation and some will not, but most important is the realization that every friendship or relationship you build is very important and has no price to it.

real friend

what qualities do we really need as a friend?, It really depends but overall what you need is trustworthiness as a true friend and this includes making a promise and fulfilling it. If by any chance you fail on your promise ,then you have some explaining to do. There are so many things that could make a relationship sour, but being true to your friend, keeping and fulfilling promises could go a long way and don’t ever make promises you can’t keep, but as we all know we are humans and nobody is perfect but make sure you avoid not keeping your words with your friends.  As we all know being dependable always helps in a relationship because every good friend want someone they can rely or count on at all times, that is why being dependable is what we need and that is one of the true qualities of a true and good friend. Nobody wants someone who is not reliable especially for a friend.


There are so many things that Could make you stand out as a true friend, Be happy for your friend at every achievement.  We do make mistakes all the time as humans, so you should apologize when you make a mistake or upset your friend. Be honest with them in whatever way you can and be honest about your feelings towards your friend if the situation warrants it and make them realize what they have done to hurt you without hiding or holding back how you feel.  Honesty is the first key to every good friendship or relationship and any relationship placed on honesty, truthfulness, love, understanding, care for one another, respect, confidence in one another, dependability will go a long way.   If your friend tells you something in confidence, keep it and don’t discuss it with anyone else


Be a good listener, avoid being ahead of your friends when it comes to conversation and when they are passing through hard times, be there for them especially in times of crisis. Lets say he has a pet and it ran away, be there for them by trying to help to find it or if he or she is at the hospital or sick at home, be there to support and giving a good and reliable advice is one duty of a good friend especially when the situation warrants it without making it mandatory for them to take your advice. Try being supportive and learn to forgive and forget, there are times when they have their own way or attitude, all you have to do is learn to accept them for what he or she is.


Trust and Distrust In Marriage And Any Other Relationship

Trust and Distrust

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Trust is the beginning of every good marriage, but when trust is not there anymore, it takes the grace of God for trust to exist again in that relationship. A spouse can forgive, but that painful experience will make it difficult for the offended spouse to let go for fear that it could happen again. For some, it is easier to forgive than to forget. Trusting and getting hurt is bad enough, so, taking chances for the occurrence is not an option? Putting up barriers of protection is not uncommon for a wounded spouse.



Distrust is very common between spouses especially when one has cheated and this situation might weaken a marriage that needs trust to grow. Distrust is like putting on a guard if in any way there is cheating or occurrence of it again. It is a means of protection. On the other hand, it is certainly not impossible to trust again, but it takes some effort and determination for it usually does not happen easily or quickly in any way.

Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken: Finding Forgiveness and Restoration

trusted relationship

relationship of trust

A victim once said after reconciliation with her husband, that she realized what infidelity can cause to a family life and she compared it to a starving dog snatching a beautiful wedding cake. Getting the trust back was like looking for a piece of needle in a haystack but the truth is that the remaining cake was still beautiful, but the unforgettable part is that anytime you look at the remaining cake you kind of miss the complete cake before the dog got into it and that makes you bitter, sad and angry.  the question is, how could a loving spouse take such beauty away from a loved one he promised to cherish? that kind of pain is often indescribable and a lot will surely be affected including Life itself.

trusting your couple


Marriage is not the only institution that has cheating issues . Many  Cheaters victimize their relationships with children, loving friends, other close family members, and even themselves. The bad part about this is that it may affect cheaters’ families because of the pain, embarrassment, and awareness of community gossip it will cause. most times such scandal can lower the value or importance of a family within a community. The whole families may suffer because of it.  A good friend does not want to witness her best friend’s husband in a compromising situation with another women. A member of the family  does not want to hear gossip about their loved one from other people in the community.  the Young people contemplating marriage one day might lose faith and respect in the marriage institution due to this infidelity crisis in the society, and celebrity gossip on the media is not helping either. All of these life experiences are painful for many family members and others to bear when it comes to issues of cheating and infidelity.

relationship built on trust

built on trust

The unfortunate thing is that cheating and crisis at home always have very bad or negative effects on the children because it gets them confused and they end up being the most wounded victims. A lot of children suffer silently and some could blame themselves and the bad part is that this parent problem could spill over into the rest of their lives thereby causing various dysfunctions in their own personal families. The best thing to do if situations like this arise is to go for counseling but many families do not look at it that way because many families do not see the need to get it.
Beyond Boundaries: Learning to Trust Again in Relationships

distrust couples

distrust couples

Cheating is never a good thing both in a marriage or any relationship, and making irrelevant and unnecessary excuses are not acceptable either and as we all know the consequences are always devastating for all parties involved, especially the children and the offended spouse.“Sometime the effects of cheating on the victims involved could be devastating especially, if they end up living that relationship for another and it could be a problem if the parties involved are not fully healed, so the best we can do to avoid any kind of trauma in our lives is being sincere and honest with our friends, spouse and acquaintances.



Explain Your Biggest Regrets

What Is Your Biggest Regret



We all have regrets one way or the other during the cause of our lives, there are different kinds of regrets such as regret about loosing loved ones who were so  dear to us, regret about loosing contacts with important friends and school mates, regret about not doing the right thing at the right time, regret about doing the right thing at the wrong time, regret about not fulfilling our life goals and aspirations, regret about our achievements so far, regret about not going after what we want especially when we had it at our finger tips, regrets about our marriage, regret about associating with the wrong friends and acquaintances, regret about not being able to differentiate between a good friend and a bad one,regret about not setting our goals as we should and so on, there are so many things that can bring about regrets but the good thing is that, once we realize where we defaulted we can always correct our selves, This makes us strong and moving on would not be a problem and it also gives room to caution from unnecessary regrets in the future.

my regrets

A friend of mine was telling me of how much regret he had about not being able to show appreciation to his parents for how they raised him, because they are no more, one way or the other we do have people that we love and we hope and assume that they will always be in our lives, but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond us they are there no more or we lose contact with them because we do not realize how valuable they are to us then. many a time we do not know the value of what we have and how precious it is until we lose it, especially if we were in a sweet and loving relationship such as marriage and other kinds of relationship,  Due to our unconsciousness at the time of our relationship, we refuse to recognize its value until after it sleeps out of our hands. some time we regret not paying attention to what our parents thought us as kids and teenagers, but latter realized its value as adults. somebody was talking about going to a place where he would have achieved a lot and fulfill his dreams, but did not go after it when it was necessary to do so.


Errors and mistakes always gives room for corrections and is always a motivator for better life which simple means what ever mistake we did in the past after realization can bring about our success and achievements by learning from the past. because of our regrets from the past we can  always learn from it by:

1. Identifying and checking our weaknesses

2. Using our mistakes as a yardstick for teaching ourselves and for correction

3. Using the privilege as a way of adaptation

4. Trying to focus and improve on whatever we are doing

5. Trying to figure out what we need to appreciate even in times of crisis

6. Trying to improve and check our relationships

7. Accepting blames and moving on

Steps On How To Get Your Ex Back

What It Takes To Get Your EX Back

steps to breaking up


Sometimes we wonder why we had a breakup in our former relationship and how to get our ex back and we feel really bad especially if it was somebody we cared deeply about, this thought makes us hope that we reconcile with our ex and because of situations like this,  some people seek for Help! on how to get their ex! back and this is a problem faced by many people who had a bad or unfortunate relationship. After many years of good relationship with your partner, it could be very devastating that you broke up and this could be deteriorating and could lead to a breakdown, depression and a lot of stress and this development all of a sudden will propel  accomplice and friends to assert that there is separation

getting your ex back

getting ex back

Tips:- There are steps that need consideration when it comes to getting your ex back:

  • Make the proper move that will eventually resort to peace between both of you and not anger or resentment.
  • After break up, if your ex asks to go out with you as a company go for it.
  • Don’t hit on his best friend because it will hurt his feeling even if he is no longer with you.
  • Be honest with him and yourself.
  • Do not let him know that you miss him!
  • Don’t be too pushy about him coming back but  let him perceive that you want him back
  • If he wants you back just give him some time, but not too much!
  • Do not argue with him at all time or if possible avoid any form of argument.
  • Avoid flirting with his friends; it will get him angry even more.
  • Do not put any kind of burden on him.
  • Always be positive no matter what the situation.
  • Don’t do something that you are sure he doesn’t like just to get his attention, This might make things worse.
breaking up

getting your ex back


  • Never beg over and over.
  • Don’t get your hopes up too high because there is a chance that he may not yield or respond to you as you expect .
  • Make sure nobody takes advantage of you
  • Never accept your ex back if he or she breaks up with you for another man or woman, unless you still want him or her aback and you feel he or she made a mistake.
  • Don’t go after your ex if he or she has remarried.
  • The fact that he abandoned you could cause you aching on your side, once again keep away from him because he has to move on with another person.

The world Of Loneliness


Loneliness and Its Effects



 Loneliness has always been a painful and disturbing situation whereby you don’t feel connected to others and you feel the important needs in your life are not being met and you feel some emptiness.  We as humans always need acquaintance and this brings about creation of relationships and friendship so, loneliness is a signal that an important basic need is not being met such as the need to develop a circle of friends or a special relationship. People need people. If you are lonely, you sometimes feel the need for warmth, understanding, and long to share your feelings and thoughts with others. Loneliness does not necessarily mean being alone. For instance, you can feel lonely when you are in a class with twenty other students, in the middle of a party, at a sports event with hundreds of screaming spectators, or surrounded by family.




Loneliness can mean:

  • Feeling that you are unacceptable, unloved by those around you, not worthwhile, even if others don’t share these perceptions; feeling alienated from your surroundings: lacking the attachments that you had in the past… feeling that there is no one with whom to share your personal concerns and experiences…
  • Feeling that you are alone and have no other choice. You may find it difficult to make friends or go beyond mere acquaintance… Loneliness to me means no real companionship
  • There is no one close enough to touch and willing to laugh when I make a stupid joke so I can think I’m funny.
  • Loneliness means eating lots of meals alone. One fork hitting one plate every night for several years is a very desolate sound, devastating and this ruins the best of culinary creations when you match it with a good long stare at the wall in front of you.
  • Feeling that you are not wanted, sometimes you want to associate with others but you have this feeling which draw you back and makes you feel unwanted by others.
  • It sometimes means being very afraid that you will never develop whatever it is that lets other people experience how you feel or share your ideas or feelings with other people, so they can gain or learn from your little experience



The best we can do when we feel lonely is to try to share our feelings and emotions with others.  Reasonable advice and good direction on the right part could be very useful because sometimes if you do not let others know your feelings or try to get at least one person you can share your mind and thoughts with, then you might get into trouble, because loneliness sometimes can lead to a lot of things like depression and uncertainty about yourself, life and the world in general, so no matter what we are going through we should avoid being lonely and civilization has made things easy now.  If you feel so lonely try joining a social media, make friends and share opinion, ideas, be active and sometimes solution to your problems could come from there and you might eventually not feel lonely again.


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Dating Suggestions For Females

Suggestions On Dating For Females

Do you want to discover how to get him to show his emotions with you? Are you tired of sensing like you don’t know what is going on in his mind? Are you unhappy because you aren’t even certain how he feels about you? It may not help to listen to your thoughts, but you are not alone. In fact, the primary issue most women have about the men they are with is that he doesn’t show his feelings with them.  There are some reasons why this occurs, none of which are really too reassuring, but at least if you know why they do it, it may make you feel better about it  And if you play your cards properly, you may even be able to have him to share his emotions with you, at least a bit.  Maybe He is Just Being Himself,  Typically men don’t talk about feelings or emotions. If you listen to men talk you’ll notice that they even use terms in a different way than women. Girls would question each other about  how they feel about something; men, on the flip side, try to ask other guys if they ponder about something.  Ladies are all about sensations and emotions.

dating suggestions

dating suggestions

Men are all about facts and sensible thinking. They can speak to other guys about their favorite team and draw statistics out of the air. They’ll get associated with animated chats about different governmental concerns. But if you ask them to speak about their emotions, they clam up. So certainly, the primary approach is not going to succeed because to guys, it’s much like finding out a foreign dialect Instead, take the pressure off and stop inquiring in so many terms. The “how do you feel” question is among the most dreaded queries that a man want’s. It does more to make him clam up than practically anything else  We Must Have A Different approach or Tactics

suggestions on dating

tips on dating

You are better off to go ahead and take the indirect approach, where you talk to him on the logical level of the relationship. Then every once in a while you might let him know  how certain thing makes you feel. If you have captured him off guard, he may even tell you how it makes him feel too. These are only little steps in the big picture of having him to share his emotions, but at least it’s a start  When you tell him your feelings about him, do not necessarily expect him to do exactly the same. Say it promptly, smile and move on to something else. If you can keep up things with ease and avoid the too serious conversations, he may slowly come around soon enough and actually begin to share his feelings and probably emotions.

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The Best Advice You Can Get For Breakup

Breakup – Best Advice You Can Get

There are so many breakup advice out there and sometimes you get confused and you don’t even know what to do or what not to do. I am sure you still feel for your ex and your heart is still attached to your ex.  No matter what you do or what the situation is, what you want is getting your ex back because you are still in love.. I have been where you are now and I know what it feels like to go without sleep, to lose your appetite and be lonely and sometimes you cannot stand your feelings. It is good sometimes to have an experienced friend to point you in the right direction and not a friend that will urge you to move on and feed you with lies instead of advising you to get your ex back. I want your happiness and getting your ex back is the best thing to do in the present situation and that is the only way happiness can come your way and that is the fact.



The best recommendation i can give to a friend is for you to hold on to your love and if you still love your ex try to settle your differences. Don’t be discouraged  about your situation but know that the love that you once shared is still there and will not go away and for sure the love will come back as long as your ex still loves you as you do. From my point of view, if your ex ever told you how much they love you before, then you are just experiencing an issue where things are out of balance. Probably grossly out of balance, preferably, i will suggest you wait for some times till you both settle and get things in place and with time that love will surely come back to you. It is not advisable to Move on to another relationship at this point, doing so may jeopardize the reconciliation process and this might be a huge mistake for both of you if caution is not taken.


There will always be advice about moving on and forgetting about getting your ex  back and can make life even more complicating and this could be painful if care is not taken. Surely, having someone pay attention to you can boost your ego and that’s fine but trying to get into a relationship at this point could be very disastrous. How would you feel breaking up a relationship when you find out that you can’t stop loving your ex and you want your ex back, so the best key to your problem is patience. Breaking the heart of an innocent person is definitely not what you want..

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Get Ready To Meet That Special person

Meeting The Special person in your life

It is quite possible that you have spent all your fruitful years chasing the professional goals and climbing the corporate ladder. You have never had time for yourself or entertained any thought of pursuing your love life. Do you realize that time is running out and you might end up missing the bus?, If you fit the description above and feel that you need to find love now, good for you. The fact is that it is still not late. You first need to get yourself back into shape and feel good.

meet that special person

special person

Once you have accepted the fact that you want in a relationship, you will automatically grow sensitive and start noticing the girls around you. Who knows it might be someone special in your office or down at the restaurant. Some friend might introduce you to his friend who might get interested in you. If not you can always join social media networking sites and  get to chat with so many interesting persons and that special someone will definitely come along to chat with you.


special person

If you are still busy from work and are not able to take time off to make friends  fair enough. What you could do is to check out and register with some of the best online dating services without having to spend too much of your time.  Online dating services are ideal platforms which give you the opportunity not only to write about yourself but also to put up the details of the kind of person that you would wish to meet. It would be a good idea to include a small color photo of yours, for this will surely attract women. Your photo can speak a lot about your personality in ways you cannot just put into words.  To make life easy, you can go to the gym get yourself in shape and look your best, then take some pictures for your audience to see.  All done, relax and get ready to enjoy

legendary love

love for life

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